Energy Efficient Electrical Control Systems

DYNACLEAN Spraybooths design, manufacture & maintain an exclusive spray booth & spraying process integrated energy efficient system.  This system can be retro fitted into the majority of industrial spray booth systems and processes and achieves significant capital and operational savings for the purchaser and end user.

The principle of the DYNACLEAN Spraybooths energy conservation system is that the spraying process is linked to the spray booth exhaust air system which only operates at full capacity when spraying is actually taking place and for a preset period on completion.  During non-spraying periods the exhaust air system reverts to a reduced standby performance level which will evacuate any atomised paint residue and/or fumes from the facility whilst providing a considerable reduction in energy consumption and the associated costs.

The DYNACLEAN system achieves support and approval from the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme with fiscal capital support on the original system purchase.  The operational cost savings are achieved by reduced equipment running costs and heated air losses during non-spraying periods.

The system can be installed on the complete DYNACLEAN industrial spray booth range and is very cost effective on medium to low volume applications where the spraying process is intermittent.  On these applications the capital equipment costs will be recovered in reduced operational costs within approximately three years.

The integral parts of the system are high quality internationally available branded electro-mechanical assemblies and require no regular maintenance.  However in the unlikely event of failure the system overrides enabling direct spray booth operation whilst replacement and/or repaired parts are obtained.

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