Overspray Separation & Removal Systems

DYNACLEAN Spraybooths are the exclusive distributor of the DYNACLEAN Ewaflot-In-Process water wash spray booth sludge removal system. This spray booth sludge removal system is capable of chemically treating and controlling over sprayed waste produced when spraying up to 100 litres of material per day.

EwaFlot-In-Process water wash spray booth sludge removal system

The DYNACLEAN Ewaflot System removes 90% of the oversprayed material solids with the benefit of significantly increased production spraying availability, reduced water wash spray booth water disposal, spray booth water treatment chemical additions and overall spray booth maintenance down time costs.

The DYNACLEAN Ewaflot over sprayed water wash spray booth sludge removal system enables the treated solid waste to be easily collected and disposed of in an environmentally acceptable and cost effective manner. Furthermore the interval change of the spray booth water contents is generally significantly increased to an average of 6 months.

The cost saving benefit of a typical DYNACLEAN Spraybooths waste control & spray booth sludge removal system being installed into a high productivity spraying process application will recover the capital expenditure costs within approximately three years.

The DYNACLEAN Ewaflot spray booth sludge removal and waste control system can be incorporated into the majority of water wash spray booth applications.

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