Dynaclean Spraybooth Refurbish Turbine Surface Technologies Non-Destructive Testing Spraying Facility

DYNACLEAN Spraybooths recently completed a refurbishment of the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) spraying facility at the Turbine Surface Technologies Limited Annesley, Nottinghamshire site.

Turbine Surface Technologies are a world-leading provider of anti-corrosion and thermal barrier coatings for turbine engine components supplied primarily to the Aerospace market. The company is jointly owned by Rolls Royce Aerospace and Chromalloy.

The refurbishment works undertaken by DYNACLEAN Spraybooths included the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a replacement Penetrant spray & wash booth and an Emulsifier wash booth. The refurbishment work to the testing facility is important to support Turbine Surface Technologies in sustaining and developing increased sales of high quality products into the Aerospace markets.

After a detailed production study and technical spraying process review with the Turbine Surface Technologies production management and engineers, DYNACLEAN Spraybooths prepared a comprehensive customised proposal to meet the Turbine Surface Technologies product size and volume requirements in accordance with both their own internal and the current UK Health and Safety and Environmental Legislation.

NDT Spraying Facility Annesley, Nottinghamshire The facility consists of two (2) DYNACLEAN Dry Filter Spray booth units complete with open fronted spraying enclosures. These units are utilised for the manual electrostatic spraying application of liquid penetrant and water onto turbine blades.

The Penetrant and Emulsifier open fronted spray and wash enclosures are fitted with pneumatically operated component entry and exit sliding doors and liquid draining floor arrangements and Grade 316 Stainless Steel liquid collection tanks.

The Emulsifier wash booth is fitted with black-out drawing curtains to facilitate inspection of the work piece following the washing process.

NDT Spraying Facility Annesley, Nottinghamshire The open fronted spraying enclosures are fitted with both fluorescent daylight lighting and blue light black component inspection lighting.

The equipment on-site installation and commissioning works were undertaken on time to an agreed project plan and in accordance with customer approved DYNACLEAN produced site installation drawings, detailed method statement and comprehensive risk analysis.

The DYNACLEAN Spraybooths Health & Safety, Environmental Controls and Systems of Work have been evaluated, assessed and confirmed compliant by the Contractors Health & Safety Scheme (CHAS).

Following the equipment commissioning DYNACLEAN trained both the Turbine Surface Technologies operators and maintenance engineers to enable the NDT spray facility to sustainably operate to the specified optimum performance levels.

The units are also supported by the DYNACLEAN after sales spray booth maintenance and service contract which includes telephone support, regular site visits, priority consumables and spares supply to maintain operational performance.


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