Bentley Motor Cars Spray Booth Installation

DYNACLEAN Spraybooths recently installed ten (10) DYNACLEAN Dry Filter Spray booth units at the Bentley Motor Cars Crewe, Cheshire site for the Adhesive Spraying application on Doors, Upper Trim, Console, Fabbing and Glove Box components for both the Mulsanne and Continental GT vehicles.

Following a detailed production study and technical process review with the Bentley production and plant engineers, DYNACLEAN prepared a comprehensive bespoke spray booth proposal to meet the Bentley Motor Cars production vehicle volumes and adhesive spraying requirements and be compliant with both their own internal and the current UK Health & Safety and Environmental Legislation.

The DYNACLEAN Spraybooths proposal included the process and equipment specifications and factory service requirements. Also the scope and timing of the equipment supply, installation, commissioning and training of customer key staff were detailed. Operating instructions, equipment warranty and follow-up Dynaclean future service and maintenance support were also included.

The major operational features and process controls on this application of the DYNACLEAN Dry Filter Spraybooth units are the consistent air filtration control at the spraying position which is essential for the maintenance of acceptable internal and external air conditions. The spray booths were also supplied with the DYNACLEAN Energy Efficient Electrical Control System which reduces air extraction volumes in non-spraying periods with resultant reduced energy consumption and proportionally reduced ambient air temperature losses from within the building. This DYNACLEAN system achieves support and approval from the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme with fiscal capital support on the original system purchase.

The equipment on-site installation and commissioning works were undertaken to an agreed project program, to DYNACLEAN customer approved site installation drawings, detailed method statement and risk analysis study.

The DYNACLEAN Spraybooths Health & Safety, Environmental Controls and Systems of Work have been evaluated, assessed and confirmed compliant by the Contractors Health & Safety Scheme (CHAS).

The units are also supported by the DYNACLEAN after sales spraybooth maintenance and service contract which includes telephone support, regular site visits, priority consumables, filters and spray booth spares to maintain operational performance.

DYNACLEAN Spraybooths have supplied spray booth units and associated equipment to Bentley Motor Cars for over 15 years and value our long standing association with such a high profile automotive industry leader.


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  • Equipment Fully Compliant with Environmental Protection Act (EPA) and Health & Safety Legislation
  • Equipment EPA Tested
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Contractors Health and Safety Assement Scheme