Surface World Magazine June 2013 Edition

A Continuous Business Improvement Journey Within the first year of entering the market it became quickly apparent that high value brand name product manufacturers and user groups required a comprehensive finishing overspray waste containment and control system to compliment their product, process and finishing equipment. To meet this market need suppliers would also have to give consideration to maximising sprayed product transfer efficiency, offer energy saving in-process controls, meet constantly reducing environmental pollution levels and achieve consistently high levels of equipment availability and process utilisation at competitive costs. To enable this considerably increased market need to be achieved DYNACLEAN Spraybooths formulated a strategic plan to improve the overall competency of the business. The plan would enable bespoke comprehensive overspray process containment and controls systems to be supplied and supported to both existing and new customers.

The initial phase of the strategy was to review existing product installations and closely identify the knowledge and technology required to comprehensively specify the processes, controls, equipment, consumables and after sales support and services to achieve the required level of overall value and customer support for this approach. The first phase of the subsequent business plan was to prioritise and improve our internal knowledge base of the spray process engineering overall requirements and construct a program to improve our existing product offering to meet the identified needs.

Priority was given to improving the process and performance capability of the existing waterwash and dry filter spraybooths range (fixed and portable) to meet international Health & Safety and Environmental standards.

In-depth analysis of customer sprayed products, volumes and processes identified the need to customise and automate in-process water treatment chemical additions and filtration controls to waterwash and dry filter booth respectively.

The next phase of process development was to integrate energy saving controls into the spraybooth operating systems as standard. This reduced the operational energy consumption of the booths during non-spraying periods and the loss to atmosphere of factory heated air. These energy saving controls are supported by the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme (ECA) within the UK to reduce the capital cost.

On specific applications enclosed spraying facilities complete with air replacement systems were incorporated where environmentally sensitive products were being sprayed thus preventing airborne contamination of the components and eliminate pollution in adjacent workspace areas.

To enable a comprehensive spray waste control system to be offered an automated overspray separation and solids removal system has been acquired for high volume overspray applications using the DYNACLEAN waterwash spray booth units. These sludge removal units process the chemically treated coagulated overspray waste solids out of the spraybooth water system removing the need for in-process manual sludge removal and increases the booth water life cycle by 3-4 times thus achieving considerable savings on contaminated water removal, transportation and disposal costs.

Coupled with the above detailed product improvements and acquisitions DYNACLEAN has revised the internal Sales Order Processing, Customer Project Control, Commissioning and user Staff Training to ensure the specified system, products and predicted process performance standards are consistently met over the projected life span of the over sprayed waste treatment installation. Spray Booth Spare Parts Supply and After Sales Service is undertaken by in-house trained engineers. Equipment Service Contracts are available and recommended to maintain optimum system performance. These Spray Booth Service Contracts include system inspection, optimisation and certification to meet National Health & Safety, Environmental and Insurance Company requirements.

DYNACLEAN Spraybooths is a fully accredited by the National Contractors Health & Safety Scheme (CHAS) and all products are compliant with the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) Standards.

As a result of “our journey” of continuous company performance improvement and as can be viewed on our website , our products are now currently used in critical product processes and finishing applications by internationally recognised brand name product manufacturers and service supply companies. Our customers/users are in the automotive, aerospace, construction, electronic, energy supply, marine, medical, ministry of defence, rail and general industrial markets.

Our journey from the acquisition of the DYNACLEAN Spraybooths product brand until current and into the future has been about customer focused continuous business improvement. We look forward to you visiting our stand (No 90) at the Surface World Exhibition and DYNACLEAN possibly being able to assist you now, or in the future, in your finishing and over spray waste containment and control requirements.


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