Eriez Magnetics (Europe) Ltd

Eriez Magnetics Dry Filter Spray Booth Installation DYNACLEAN Spraybooths recently completed the design, supply installation and commissioning of a bespoke Dry Filter Spray booth facility for Eriez Magnetics (Europe) Ltd. This new product finishing resource was an important addition within their newly enlarged manufacturing facility in Caerphilly, South Wales.

Eriez Magnetics (Europe) Ltd are a subsidiary of the USA based Eriez Manufacturing Corporation who are worldwide market leaders in the design and manufacture of magnetic separation, metal detection and metal sorting equipment.

The new DYNACLEAN Dry Filter Spray booth facility is designed and installed with in-line fixed and extendable spraying and drying enclosures to create a fully flexible unit. This unique feature enables both the complete current Eriez product range to be comprehensively spray paint finished and will also cater for their future new product plans.

After a detailed production study and technical spraying process review with the Eriez production management and engineers, DYNACLEAN prepared a comprehensive customised proposal to meet the Eriez current and future projected sprayed product size and volume requirements in accordance with both their own and the current UK Health and Safety and Environmental Legislation.
The major operational features and process controls on this DYNACLEAN Dry Filter Spray booth is the secure extendable enclosure for spraying of the longer Eriez products. This added air controlled space integrated with the consistent air filtration control of the spraybooth is essential for the maintenance of acceptable internal and external working air conditions. The booth is also supplied with the DYNACLEAN Spraybooths Energy Efficient Electrical Control System which reduces air extraction volumes in non-spraying periods with the resultant reduced energy consumption and associated costs to maintain ambient temperature within the overall factory building. This DYNACLEAN system achieves support and approval from the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme with fiscal capital support on the original system purchase.

The equipment on-site installation and commissioning works were undertaken on time to an agreed project plan and in accordance with customer approved DYNACLEAN produced site installation drawings, detailed method statement and comprehensive risk analysis.

The DYNACLEAN Spraybooths Health & Safety, Environmental Controls and Systems of Work have been evaluated, assessed and confirmed compliant by the Contractors Health & Safety Scheme (CHAS).

The unit will be supported by the DYNACLEAN after sales spraybooth maintenance and service contract which includes telephone support, regular site visits, priority consumables, filters and spray booth spares to maintain operational performance.


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